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Ann Mountford

Ann Mountford Psychotherapy

To arrange an initial appointment, or if you have any questions please contact me here

Testimonials for Ann Mountford Psychotherapy

“My experience in counselling with Ann, made it possible for me to make decisions, and bring about positive changes in my life. I feel optimistic about my future as a result.”
Patient X

“Thank you so much for helping my son through a difficult time, I know how much he has always valued his sessions with you. It is so great to see him ready to set off for university today, and in such better health than he was a year ago.”
Patient Y

“I found that the sessions I had helped me so much with the difficulties I was experiencing in my marriage… Ann was attentive, respectful, and challenging, giving me time to explore the issues that I raised.”
Patient Z

“I am always impressed by the quality of her work with patients. She is very well qualified but possesses a true gift for her job over and above any academic qualification.”
Doctor R

“I know Ann to be a kind, thoughtful and giving person… I know, both from personal experience, and from written testimonials from her patients, how seriously Ann takes her work.”
Psychotherapist M

“She is capable of being very sensitive and intuitive in her work with clients. I get positive feedback about her from many of the patients she sees.”
Doctor S